WebFun is an open source re-implementation of the game engine powering Yoda Stories and Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures. That means you can use it to play these games right here in your browser! (Well, at the moment only Yoda Stories is actually playable.)

If you're feeling extra adventurous you can enable debug mode () and check out some advanced features. There's a script debugger, asset editor, save game inspector and more to discover from the debug menu.

What's with the silly name?

Some strings within the original binaries suggest that DeskFun was the project name used internally at LucasArts. Since this implementation runs on the web instead of a Windows desktop the name WebFun was born.

Get involved!

WebFun is open source software. The main source code repository is hosted at GitHub https://github.com/cyco/WebFun and all contributions are welcome. If you're interested in technical aspects of the game engine you can take a look at the documentation.


Related Projects

There are a number of related projects.


WebFun is not in any way affiliated with LucasArts or Disney. It is merely a player for the original game files, which must either be provided by the user or downloaded from archive.org.