Promotional Screenshots

Recreation of the promotional screenshots

After getting my hands on an actual retail copy of Yoda Stories I became curious of the screenshots shown on the back of the box. At first glance they seem to be captures of zones #95, #294 and #483. But after further inspection it's clear that none of the screenshots could have come from the final version of the game.

Zone #95 does not have any actions that could place Luke's X-Wing in the zone as shown in the screenshot.

Zone #294 is very close to the one depicted in the second screenshot, the only difference seems to be a missing crater tile next to Luke's head

The last screenshot was taken on a desert world. Zone #483 has very similar building and wall structures, but the dewback in the top left corner is missing.

I've created re-created the situation in each of the screenshots. They are available as downloads here, here and here.

Interestingly enough, the italian version of the box uses entirely different images that actually look like screenshots from the real game.

Left-over Debug Window

Checkout The Cutting Room Floor's entry on Yoda Stories for some more debug windows that are present in the program but can not be triggered.

Apart from the cheat codes there is a debug window that can be accessed using the key combination ctrl-F8. A modal comes up that shows the current zone id, position and the id of this world's goal. The shortcut works in both Yoda Stories and Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures.

Debug window showing information about the current zone